Ley DJ,
In those days, what is expected from a DJ, is to find a “plus” of spectacle in their shows, exactly what lacked a few decades ago. So it is comforting to encounter a professional who makes of her performance sessions much more than mere “fireworks”.
Ley DJ dominates not only the raw material that she has in her hands, unlike many posers, but she also knows perfectly how to capture and “to sniff“the ambient factor, fitting tothe auditorium spirit, like hand in glove, every night, every time.
In those plot strenuous dance ceremonies, presided over by a bias freestyle , completely in accordance with the alternative style ,it is possible to find the most rabid and fit current indie dance, as well as the timeless classics pop and rock and even nods to eighties electronics music.
Her unique rule is the implacable law of rhythm. Her emotional drive and good work in cabin makes of her audience an unconditional hostage. A cabin from which there is always room for surprises: the unexpected remixes and permanent interaction with the dancing track. Euphoric cadences, deploying all its effectiveness “in crescendo”, achieving a mission not always easy for everyone: to get everyone finished with their own feet detached from the ground, during all the sessions.
RESIDENTE DE La3 club (Valencia)
RESIDENTE DE RockNights (Ibiza)

Clubs in she were played:

La3 club (Valencia) | Ocho Y Medio (Madrid) | Rockers Club (Alicante) | Obbio (Sevilla) | Casino Royale (Palma de Mallorca| Privilege (Ibiza) | Space (Ibiza) | Safari Club (Elche) | Zoologico Club (Madrid) | Supernova (León) | Sala Sonora (Bilbao)| Orosco Club (Miranda de Ebro)| Imagina Club (Cádiz) | Castizo Club (Málaga) | ZeppelinClub (Castellón) | Safari Club (Murcia) | Sala Siroco (Madrid) | Nells (Madrid) | Vixen Club (Zaragoza) | RattleSnake (London) | Sala Oásis (Zaragoza) | Momma06 (Elche) | Eyes (Canet)|



SOS4.8 (Murcia) | Low Festival (Benidorm) | Arenal Sound (Burriana) | Esclata – só (Ondara) | Feria de Julio Valencia | Campello Summer Fest (Alicante) | Festival Universitario (Murcia) | Festivalent (Pedreguer) | SanSan Festival (Gand’a) | Crystal Fighters Spain Tour (Valencia) | Lovin Ibiza Festival (Ibiza) | Estadio Santiago Bernabéu (Madrid) | Ojeando Festival (Ojén) | Ritmo Festival (Granada) | Sun 101 Festival (Málaga) | Vicious Live Sessions (Madrid) |

Artist who she has share stage and Line up:

2Many Dj’s | Digitalism | The Magician | Crookers | Erol Alkan | Wally Lopez | Roger Sánchez | Fangoria | Lori Meyers | Scissor Sisters dj set | Crystal Fighters | Dorian | Deivhook | Alex Metric | Two Door Cinema Club | The Zombie Kids | The Leadings | Grises | Kill The Hipsters | Carlos Jean | Les Castizos | Kostrok | Space Elephants | GoMad & Monster | Elyella Dj’s | Bilbadino | Maadraassoo | Mario Vaquerizo | Bimba Bosé | David Delfin…

Brands Events:

Movistar (Shakira Spain Tour 2011) | Heineken | Hoss Intropia | Napapijri | Jägermeister | Lan Airlines | Bershka | H&M | Campofr’o | Shakira Spain Tour 2012 | Hyundai Tour |


Los Punsetes – Un corte limpio ( LeyDJ & Amatria Remix) LeyDJ – Get You up (Single)


Knockaround EU Sunglasess